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Support Staff

Front Office Staff

Angela Rojo
Attendance Clerk
Mo Yang
Senior Administrative Clerk

Business Office Staff

Lee Yang
Megan Lao
Chief Financial Officer
Alva Sanchez
Administrative Secretary

Nursing Services Staff

Fatima Cruz
School Nurse

 Special Education Service Staff

Speech Therapist
Jim Vue
RSP Teacher
Occupational Therapist

Site Managment Staff

Nai Saelee
Plant Manager
Eenam Lee

Cafeteria Staff

Liz Tipton
Cafeteria Manager
Linda Tom
Cafeteria Staff
Ms. Yee
Cafeteria Staff

Yard Duty Supervision Staff

Yard Duty Supervisor

Yard Duty

Yard Duty

Instructional Aide Staff

Fany Acosta
Chi Nou Yang
De'Jana Crockett
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