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Budget: 2023-2024

Yav Pem Suab Academy (YPSA) is a public Charter School.  It receives state and federal funds to operate.  

Charter schools are required to submit a board-adopted preliminary budget for the upcoming school year by July 1 of each year.  The preliminary budget is submitted to Sacramento City Unified School District,  the authorizing school district, and the Sacramento County Office of Education.

Importance of Student Attendance
How the Money
is Used
Monitoring the Budget

Money is allocated to the school on a monthly basis from the state.  During the year, the school provides attendance reports to the state in order to claim the money.  That is why student attendance is so important.

The money is used for staff salaries, books, supplies, computers, SMUD, PG&E, rent to the district to use the Lisbon Elementary site, water, waste removal, and every thing else needed to run a school.  The budget must be approved by the UCSC Board of Directors.

n addition, the school buys some services from the Sacramento City Unified School District such as Special Education, technology, and assessment & research.  See the amount the school pays for these services in the following document

Throughout the year, the Sacramento City Unified School District and the Sacramento County Office of Education monitor the charter school’s budget.  The budget is updated twice during the year and checked each time by the County Office of Education.  This is done to insure that the budget is being managed correctly and that there is enough money to operate the school.  In addition, each year an independent auditor approved by the California Department of Finance conducts an audit.  The final audit report is issued to the district and to the county office of education.

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