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Core Teachers                         

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
Ong Lo
Mrs. Ong Lo
Room 1


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Room 12

Rick Xiong
Mr. Rick Xiong

Room 2

Mai Vang
Mrs. Mai H. Vang

Room 13

1st Grade

Claudia Sherry
Mrs. Claudia Sherry

Room 20

Caitlin Choi
Mrs. Caitlin Choi

Room 21

Ying Yang
Mrs. Ying Yang

Room 22

2nd Grade

Linda Saevang
Ms. Linda Saevang
Room 24

Dominique Riosfarias
Mrs. Dominique Rios

Room 25

Mr. Vangdan Yang

Room 26

3rd Grade

Richelle Rodriguez
Mrs. Richelle Rodriguez

Room 4

Diane Lee
Ms. Diane Lee

Room 5

Linda Moua
Mrs. Linda Moua

Room 6

4th Grade

Brenda Johnson
Ms. Brenda Johnson

Room 7

Gina Tamburrino
Ms. Gina Tamburrino

Room 10

Mary Cherney
Ms. Mary Cherney

Room 11

5th Grade

PhengKong Vang
Mr. PhengKong Vang

Room 8

Pao Xiong
Mr. Pao Xiong

Room 9

Kaylee Perry
Ms. Kaylee Perry
Room 31

6th Grade

Dao Yang
Mr. Dao Yang

Room 23

Mr. Carlos Duarte

Room 19

Lisa-Marie Giordano
Ms. Lisa-Marie Giordano

Room 27

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